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Congratulations to Dr. Valerie Boyer, Communication Disorders & Sciences, and Faith Miller, Dental Hygiene, for submitting a grant application for a LEND Partner grant from the University of Illinois MCH LEND Program (IL LEND) in the amount of $32,554.

Congratulations to Faith Miller for her recent grant submission titled “Oral Health Promotion” to the Illinois Department of Public Health in the amount of $124,790.

Congratulations to Maria Franca, Communication Disorders & Sciences, who was introduced on the slate of officers and selected as President of the Illinois Speech Language Association. We are absolutely thrilled to see Dr. Franca accept the nomination for President. Dr. Franca will be a wonderful President of the state association for speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Her visibility in this role is a wonderful representation for SIUC across the state.

Dr. Kelli Whittington, Dr. Thomas Shaw, Dr. Richard McKinnies, and Dr. Sandra Collins had their research titled: Emotional Exhaustion as a Predictor for Burnout among Nurses published in the Nursing Management Journal in January 2021.

Stacey McKinney, Jennifer McKinnies, and Sandra Collins will be presenting their research titled: Cost Effectiveness in Providing Preventative Dentistry for Children in the United States at the Annual Western Economic Association International Conference this summer in Honolulu, Hawaii. They are all faculty in the School of Health Sciences at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

A big thank-you goes out to sophomore nursing student Cassie Edwards and nursing program director Kelli Whittington, who were recently featured in a WSIL story about the SIU Nursing program. The link to the full story is here: SIU Nursing Program

Dental Hygiene
Shelly File, an NTT faculty in the School of Health Sciences, is the first faculty member to receive a CDHC (Community Dental Health Coordinator)certificate. 10 of 30 Dental Hygiene students also received this certificate.  Full Story

Congratulations to Kelly Lattan, Dental Hygiene, who recently received certification as a Public Health Dental Hygienist (PHDH). This was accomplished by completing 34 hours of continuing education as well as an 8-hour review and exam.

Mallory Wheeler, a dental hygiene 2020 graduate, received a Rosie Wall Community Spirit Grant from the American Dental Hygienists' Association Institute for Oral Health. The funds are for the Carbondale Warming Center to provide oral health kits and healthy snacks for their guests.

SIU dental hygiene students are assisting in COVID-19 vaccinations  The senior dental hygiene students are assisting the Jackson County Health Department in COVID-19 vaccination efforts.  Students will be volunteering every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of March.

Congratulations goes to Serdar Aydin and Thomas Shaw for their co-authored paper with Orhan Koçak, Betaul Buber, Esra Zeynep Akpinar, and Mustafa Z. Younis titled Investigation of the Effect of Social Media Addiction on Adults With Depression which has been accepted for publication in Healthcare.

Three students in Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s School of Health Sciences are being honored by the Mid-America Healthcare Executives Forum for their academic excellence, volunteerism and leadership. See Full Article

Congratulations to Jessica Cataldo, Health Care Management, for being featured in the news regarding the price transparency rule in health care. See Full Article

Congratulations to Puja Jha and Jacqueline Nash for their co-authored research (with Dr. Serdar Aydin and Dr. Sandy Collins).  Their research titled: Evaluation of US and Taiwan Health System Performance has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Health Management and Tourism. 

MHA/MHI faculty Dr. Cristian Lieneck and students Joseph Garvey, Courtney Collins, Danielle Graham, Corein Loving, and Raven Pearson published an article titled "Rapid Telehealth Implementation during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic: A Rapid Review" in Healthcare in November 2020.

Mitchell Dierkes and Jacqueline Nash, MHA students, and Dr. Sandra Collins' presentation "COVID-19 Creates Potential Increase of PTSD for Healthcare Professionals" was accepted for presentation at the 9th Annual International Conference on Health & Medical Sciences in Greece, May 2021.