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All Health Care Management (HCM) students will complete an internship at the end of the HCM program. Waivers of the internship are not permitted. All core HCM courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the HCM internship course to ensure basic knowledge of all course objectives has been obtained making the internship a positive hands-on-learning experience for the students and a value to the preceptor. Our commitment to excellence in undergraduate education has allowed us to establish strong relationships with many healthcare organizations, which welcome our interns. 

The program houses a dedicated internship coordinator/faculty member who guides the student from start to end of the internship process. The faculty member will provide students with an internship handbook, assist them with securing an internship site, guide them through securing proper documentation before starting the internship, and outline the expectations of the internship. The internship coordinator works closely with the student and the internship preceptor during the internship experience. 


Internship Handbook