Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control

Southern Illinois University



Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control

Infectious disease outbreaks and healthcare associated infections place significant strain on the healthcare system and impact quality, cost, and access to healthcare services. A lack of healthcare professionals skilled specifically in infection prevention and control has been identified as a key gap in addressing infection control within healthcare organizations.

To help fill this gap, the Master of Health Administration (MHA) has designed a post-baccalaureate certificate aligned with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) competency model for infection preventionists.

The Certificate in Infection Prevention and Control (CIPC) is open to students who hold a bachelor’s degree and have an interest in infection prevention and control in healthcare organizations. The CIPC is designed to increase requisite knowledge for the Certification in Infection Control and Prevention through the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology.

Students must complete 18 semester hours of graduate level study, all at SIUC, with a C or above in all required courses which includes:

            MHA 510, 3 - Effective Health Care Operations

            MHA 556, 3 – Individual Research in Healthcare

            MHA 580, 3 - Managerial Epidemiology and Evidence Based Management

            HCM 462, 3 – Infection Prevention & Control Operations

            HCM 463, 3- Environment of Care

            HCM 464, 3 – Infection Prevention Informatics

Students earning a grade lower than a C may retake individual courses only once. If a grade of C or higher is not received on the second attempt of an individual course, the student is removed from the certificate program due to academic performance. Online courses are restricted to online students and on-campus courses are restricted to on-campus students.