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Online Radiologic Sciences Management and Education

The School of Health Sciences is pleased to offer the convenience and flexibility to complete a Bachelor of Science degree specialization in Radiologic Sciences Management / Education completely online.

Designed specifically for the working imaging professional in mind, this program gives students the opportunity to study managerial theories, philosophies, styles, and techniques. Additionally, students will be introduced to educational concepts as they relate to medical imaging departments. The primary focus of this program is to allow students who wish to enter either radiography management or radiography education the opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary for success in these two environments.

Similar to most baccalaureate degrees, this Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences requires a total of 120 credit hours, which includes both the 31 hours of management / education coursework for specialization as well as general education and senior institution requirements for the University.  Transfer credits can be evaluated for acceptance toward degree completion.


The online Radiology Management / Education degree completion program is available for those meeting standard SIU entrance requirements who hold a credential related to the imaging sciences. This includes, but is not limited to: radiographers, sonographers, MRI / CT technologists, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation therapists, and medical dosimetrists.

Check out the program’s admission requirements and FAQ for more information.


To apply for the online Radiology Management / Education degree completion program, first visit the Undergraduate Admissions website and apply to SIU.


The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Radiology Management/Education program through Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) is to provide a quality program integrating education, research, and service in order to meet the needs of the profession and improve health care of the people and communities we serve.


  1. Goal 1: Prepare the student to practice as either an advanced level radiologic sciences educator or manager by offering a balanced curriculum and quality didactic/experiential instruction.
    1. Student Learning Outcome 1A: Graduates indicate overall satisfaction with education from the program
    2. Student Learning Outcome 1B: Graduates demonstrate proficiency in teaching strategies.
    3. Student Learning Outcome 1C: Graduates demonstrate proficiency in radiology management curriculum 
  1. Goal 2: Provide didactic and experiential opportunities that lead to research in educational, professional, or health care issues relating to radiologic sciences education and/or management.
    1. Student Learning Outcome 2A: Students demonstrate essential skills to plan and execute research on various topics
    2. Student Learning Outcome 2B: Students indicate they are interested in advancing their career preceding the program
    3. Student Learning Outcome 2C: Students will demonstrate an interest in performing research 
  1. Goal 3: Provide avenues to students for development and growth within the profession.
    1. Student Learning Outcomes 3A: Graduates will remain members of professional organizations
    2. Student Learning Outcomes 3B: Graduates will maintain their CE activities to grow with the profession 
  1. Goal 4: Provide avenues for students to develop and apply skills in effective communication, analytical and critical thinking, and problem solving necessary for successful allied health practice.
    1. Student Learning Outcome 4A: Students demonstrate effective communication skills & proficiency in organizational management.
    2. Student Learning Outcome 4B: Graduates demonstrate proficiency in research on current topics
    3. Student Learning Outcome 4C: Graduates demonstrate understanding in literature on current topics 
  1. Goal 5: Provide an experiential and didactic environment that leads to the refinement of skills and competence appropriate for an advanced educator/manager in the radiologic sciences.
    1. Student Learning Outcome 5A: Students demonstrate an understanding in education and instruction. 
  1. Goal 6: Provide an accessible opportunity for regional radiologic science professionals to acquire a terminal degree.
    1. Student Learning Outcome 6A: Graduates have the opportunity to provide data on education demand. 
  1. Goal 7: Provide an accessible opportunity for regional radiologic science professionals to acquire the necessary means to succeed in a global and diverse workforce/workplace.
    1. Student Learning Outcome 7A: Graduates maintain employment or obtain employment in the workforce.


All courses for this program are delivered 100% via an asynchronous distance education environment, structured to be completed at your convenience by set deadlines. A team of instructors, teaching assistants, and program staff work to prepare and deliver course materials and provide support for you.

The University’s Morris Library provides information and support for distance education learning.


The Radiology Management / Education specialization requires thirty-one credit hours of management / education coursework. Check out the program’s course sequence and curriculum  and course syllabi for an idea of what to expect.

This program offers continuous enrollment, so students may begin the program at any time. Part-time enrollment is available.


The cost for the online Radiology Management / Education degree completion program is determined by SIU’s Off-Campus tuition and fee structure. Please refer to the Off-Campus Tuition and Fees Calculator for additional information. Some courses will require the purchase of textbooks or other materials.

Financial aid and scholarships may be available. Please visit the SIU Financial Aid website for more information.


The online Radiology Management / Education specialization offered here at SIU is a great opportunity for any individual in the radiologic sciences who wants to obtain their B.S. degree and has an interest in advancing their career in management or education.  


For questions, or to request more information, please contact either:

Interim Program Director, Sandi Watts, at or (618) 453-7260


Academic Advisor, Michael Rowell, at or (618) 453-8869


View the Undergraduate Catalog for more information about University policies and requirements.