Physical Therapist Assistant Complaints

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Complaints That Fall Outside Due Process

The PTA Program welcomes comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism as part of continuous and systematic program evaluation and improvement. Any complaint or concern about the PTA Program or one of its policies, faculty, staff, or students is requested to be in writing.

If the nature of the concern falls into the possibility of a formal complaint to the program’s accrediting body, contact the Commission for Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) to discuss the nature of the complaint and to determine what procedures should be taken. CAPTE can be reached by phone at (703) 706-3245, email at, or by fax (703) 684-7343.

Complaints/concerns about a particular individual (faculty, staff, or student) should be addressed with that individual first. If the person with the complaint feels the situation remains unresolved, that the person should meet with their advisor or Program Director and submit a written statement of their concern. Written complaints may also be made to the Program Director via email at or the Director of the School of Health Sciences at If further action is necessary, the complaint/concern will be taken to the Director of the School of Health Sciences for further review and follow up. Complaints may be filed with any of the mentioned entities without fear of retribution.