Mortuary Science & Funeral Service Admission Requirements

Southern Illinois University



Mortuary Science heads

Admission Requirements (Track I - Traditional)

Due to various circumstances, including rules of accreditation, limitations of facilities and internship sites and the low faculty-student ratio we maintain, we are only able to admit a specific number of students to our program. In order to be considered for admission to the program, you must meet the SIU general admission requirements.

Things to be aware of before you apply for our program:

  1. Laws governing the funeral service profession are enacted at the state level; therefore, licensure in one state does not guarantee licensure in another state. Prospective applicants should contact the state in which they plan to seek a funeral director/embalmer's license to obtain that state’s specific requirements. Graduation from this program does not assure the individual of licensure in all states.
  2. Felony convictions may limit an individual’s ability to achieve licensure or employment.
  3. Any applicant who has a physical disability should contact the state in which they plan to seek licensure to determine if the disability will affect licensure.
  4. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), prospective students need not demonstrate that they can meet state licensing requirements in order to be admitted to the program.

There are no course prerequisites for this Program. In order to be considered for acceptance into the Mortuary Science and Funeral Service program, prospective students must

  1. Be admitted to SIU in good standing.
  2. Submit the Hepatitis B vaccine verification form showing you have received at least the first shot in the series, and listing the dates of the remaining shots.
  3. Submit official college transcript(s) of all college course work as well as a class schedule of any courses in which the applicant is currently enrolled.

Information for Transfer Students

The MSFS degree completion is a way that a graduate of a Mortuary Science Program with a completed AAS can return to school and finish the baccalaureate degree in a short period of time. Students may also apply for the Capstone Option to reduce the total number of hours required to complete non-major courses. Please contact an academic advisor if you have questions concerning either of these options. 

Students transferring with an AA or AS already meet University Core requirements in accordance with University policy. Transfer students must meet the prerequisites of Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Accounting I, and Business Law. If these courses meet the requirements for transfer credit, the student needs only to complete the Mortuary Science and Funeral Service major courses.

University policy states that students earning a bachelor's degree must meet residency requirements. Residency requirements are defined by the University to be 90 hours of course credit at SIU Carbondale or the last 30 hours of course credit at our University. Students must have completed 60 hours at a senior institution.

Interested individuals must be accepted to the University in good standing. Once accepted to the program the student must complete a contract with a Mortuary Science and Funeral Service Advisor before starting the courses in the major.

Notification of Status

If you have met the minimum requirements, you will be notified of your acceptance to the program. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you will be notified immediately of non-acceptance. When maximum enrollment has been reached, additional qualified students will be designated as alternates should any of those originally accepted decline the notification of acceptance. All other students, and any inquiries thereafter, will be notified that the enrollment is closed.