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Undergraduate Program Required Textbooks

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  • HCM 320-3 Health Policy and Politics

Shi L. (2013). Introduction to Health Policy. 1st Edition. Health Administration Press. Chicago, IL. ISBN: 978-1-5679-3580-6

  • HCM 340-3 Managerial Epidemiology and Marketing in Healthcare

Fos P & Fine P.  (2005).  Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations.  Jossey-Bass. San Francisco, CA.  ISBN:  978-0-7879-7891-4. 

  • HCM 360-3 U.S. Health System

Shi L & Singh DA.  (2014).  Delivering Health Care in America:  A Systems Approach.  6th Edition. Jones & Bartlett.  Burlington, MA.  ISBN: 978-1-2840-7463-5.

  • HCM 364-3 Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Organizations

Borkowski N.  (2015).  Organizational Behavior in Health Care. 3rd Edition.  Jones & Bartlett. Sudbury, MA.  ISBN: 978-1-2840-5104-9

  • HCM 365-3 Statistics for Health Care Professions

Salkind NJ.  (2016).  Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics.  5th Edition.  Sage Publications.  Thousand Oaks, CA.  ISBN: 978-1-4522-7771-4.

  • HCM 366-3   Health Information Management

Wagner, Lee & Glaser. (2013). Health Care Information Systems - 3rd Edition. Jossey-Bass.  ISBN# 978-1-118-17353-4.

  • HCM 368-3 Health Care coding Procedures I

Buck, C.  2016 Step-By Step Medical Coding. Elsevier. ISBN # 978-0323389198.

Turley. SM. (2017) Medical Language.  Fourth Edition.  Pearson.  ISBN# 9780134318127.

  • HCM 375-3 Analysis and Evaluation of Health Care Services

McDavid JC, Huse I, & Hawthorn LR.  (2013).  Program Evaluation and Performance: An Introduction to Practice.  2nd Edition.  Sage Publications.  Thousand Oaks, CA.  ISBN: 978-1-4129-7831-6.

  • HCM 382-3 Health Economics 

Lee RH.  (2014).  Economics for Health Care Managers. Health Administration Press.  Chicago, IL.   ISBN:  978-1-5679-3676-6.

  • HCM 384-3 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Health Care

Coppola NM & Ledlow GR.  (2014).  Leadership for Health Professionals.  2nd Edition.  Jones & Bartlett.  Burlington, MA.  ISBN: 978-1-2840-2688-7

  • HCM 385-3 Health Care Finance

Gapenski L.  (2011).  Healthcare Finance: An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management.  5th Edition.  Health Administration Press.  Chicago, IL.  ISBN:  978-1-5679-3425-0.

  • HCM 388-3 Legal Aspects of Health Care

Showalter JS. (2014).  The Law of Healthcare Administration.  7th Edition.  Health Administration Press.  Chicago, IL.  ISBN: 978-1567936445.

  • HCM 390-3 Human Resources in Healthcare

Pynes J & Lombardi D.  (2011).  Human Resources Management for Health Care Organizations: A Strategic Approach.  Jossey-Bass.  San Francisco, CA.  ISBN: 978-0-470-87355-7.

  • HCM 410-3 Operations Management and Quality Improvement in Health Care

McLaughlin DB & Olson JR. (2017) Healthcare Operations Management. 3rd Edition. Health Administration Press. Chicago, IL. ISBN: 978-1-5679-3851-7

  • HCM 413-3 Long Term Care Administration

Allen JE.  (2015).  Nursing Home Administration.  7th Edition.  Springer Publishing.  New York, NY. ISBN: 10:0826128548.

  • HCM 420-3 Health Care Ethics, Coding & Compliance

Morrison E. & B. Furlong (2013). Health Care Ethics: Critical Issues for the 21st Century. 3rd Edition. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.  Sudbury, MA.  ISBN: 978-1-4496-6535-7. 

  • HCM 421 (1-3) Professional Practice for Health Care Managers

Studer Q. (2012). The Great Employee Handbook: Making Work and Life Better.  Fire Starting Publishing.  Gulf Breeze, FL.  ISBN: 978-0-9828503-3-6.  

  • HCM 422 (2-9) Health Care Management Internship

Current HCM 422 Internship Packet.

Download HCM 422 current packet from HCM website for use during HCM 421 and HCM 422. 

  • HCM 460 Six Sigma in Healthcare

Barry, Murcko, & Brubaker.  (2002).  The Six Sigma Book for Healthcare: Improving Outcomes by Reducing Errors.  Health Administration Press.  Chicago, IL.  ISBN: 978-1-5679-3191-4.

Caldwell, Butler, & Poston.  (2009).  Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare: A Senior Leaders Guide to Improving Costs and Throughput.  2nd Edition.  Quality Press.  Milwaukee, WI.  ISBN: 978-0-8738-9759-4.

  • HCM 461 – Introduction to Physician Practice Management

Montone D & Lenzi M.  (2013).  Introduction to Medical Practice Management.  Delmar Publishing.  Clifton Park, NY.  ISBN: 978-1-4180-4092-5.

  • HCM 462 – Healthcare Services and the Consumer

Barrett, London, Kroger, Hall, & Baratz. (2013) Consumer Health:  A Guide to Intelligent Decisions.  9th Edition.  McGraw Hill.  ISBN #978-0-07-802848-9. 

  • HCM 468-3 Health Care Coding Procedures II

Buck C. 2017.  The Next Step:  Advanced Medical Coding and Auditing.  Elsevier.  ISBN# 978-0-3234-3077-7


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