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Why a Degree in Health Care Management? Why Healthcare - A Career With a Calling

The Health Care Management (HCM) program prepares students for careers in health management and/or health policy. The program of study may lead to a career in a healthcare organization, government agency, or graduate study in areas such as health administration, health informatics, epidemiology, business, or law. The Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts higher than average growth in these fields. Bureau of Labor Statistics link:

The School of Health Sciences is pleased to offer students two delivery formats by which to complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Care Management.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Health Care Management (HCM) program is to prepare students for future entry-level management roles in healthcare service settings and/or to academically prepare them for graduate education.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the HCM program is to:

1). increase student access to a premier undergraduate healthcare management education

2). provide minor degree options in high demand areas of health care management

3). support the healthcare industry through student service opportunities. 

Values Statement

The HCM program is committed to academic excellence by offering a curriculum that both meets the needs of industry leaders and the curriculum expectations of the premier undergraduate certification body of healthcare management education. The program strives to be compassionate and understanding to a diverse student population by offering multiple forms of program delivery increasing accessibility to a premier undergraduate healthcare management degree with additional minor degree options in high demand areas within the field of health care management.

The Undergraduate Program

Two Delivery Formats – On Campus and Online

On Campus Format

The traditional On Campus format of the HCM program has been offered at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) for decades. Classes are held on campus over the traditional full semester, in the face-to-face delivery format. 

Online Format

The Online format is a convenient and flexible way to earn the HCM degree. Created specifically for those who cannot attend on campus courses, the online HCM program provides students access to a degree in one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. All courses are set in an online, accelerated, 8-week format with the exception of the HCM 422 internship course, which is a required component of the degree and is scheduled in a healthcare related facility approved by the University. SIUC’s Morris Library provides information and support for online students.

*Note – Online HCM core courses are restricted to online format students only. On campus HCM core courses are restricted to on campus format students only. Students are not permitted to move back and forth between the delivery formats. 

HCM Coursework

Regardless of the delivery format, the HCM degree requires 120 hours of coursework, which fulfills both the University’s Core Curriculum requirement and the School of Health Sciences requirement for majors.  HCM students complete a foundation set of courses in economics and health care business. Students also have the option of advancing their knowledge by choosing from multiple field specific minors: Long Term Care Administration, Infection Prevention and Control, and/or Health Information and Informatics Management

Health Services Career Opportunities

Many HCM graduates work in finance, marketing, human resources, and other management fields in a wide variety of healthcare settings including: hospitals and health systems, long-term care organizations, physician group practices and health insurance and pharmaceutical companies. HCM graduates with interests in policy may find positions in state health, aging and insurance departments, federal agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and with private trade and research organizations. In addition, some HCM graduates pursue graduate education in medicine, health administration, health informatics health law, public health, and business.  The Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts higher than average growth in these fields : Bureau of Labor Statistics