Cost of Attendance

Southern Illinois University



Cost of Attendance

*All figures based off current costs, but are subject to change.
OTD Program Fee Additional Information
Tuition $469.50/hour IL residents, $48,358.50 for entire 103 credit hour program *A
University Fees $72.60/hour, $7477.80 for entire 103 credit hour program *B
Student Health Insurance Must be obtained independently, outside of the university.
Housing $14,276 per academic year *C
Fieldwork Varies due to location, living expenses, travel, dress code, and site fees
Textbooks/Supplies $1100 per year *D
Fieldwork Database $175 per year *E
Grad School Application $65
  1. The tuition amount is based on in-state tuition rate and rates for 2021-2022 academic year.
  2. This fee amount may vary depending on individual course fees. The fee listed is the distance education fee.
  3. Room and board are based on single room occupancy with dining plan. Room and board rates are available at Room and board vary by housing type. Relocation may be required for fieldwork placement.
  4. Students must purchase their books and supplies. Students should come to SIU with sufficient funds to buy books, supplies and any other items necessary to begin the semester, even if the student is expecting financial aid or plans to work on campus. SIU does not issue book vouchers. The books and supplies allowance are based on full-time enrollment, but books and supply expenses will vary based on the courses that the student is taking. Books and supplies will be more expensive at the start of the program and will decrease throughout the program as books are used for multiple courses.
  5. Participation in the fieldwork database is mandatory for maintenance of all fieldwork health records.

The estimated graduate budget for Southern Illinois University Graduate Programs can be found  here. The above numbers are based off of this estimated budget as well as through the tuition calculator.