Certificate in Healthcare Informatics

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Certificate in Healthcare Informatics

The BLS predicts a faster than average increase in fields related to healthcare information and a much faster than average expected increase for positions involving the analysis of complex data related to operational issues. www.bls.gov. This practically includes areas associated with improving patient care and/or reducing healthcare costs.

In today’s healthcare industry, healthcare informatics is central to the education of healthcare professionals. The ability to collect and analyze the enormous amount of patient information for the purposes of making clinical and administrative decisions toward quality of care improvements is vital to the survival of today’s healthcare organizations. Individuals with specialized knowledge in the areas of healthcare informatics and information analysis will lead the digital healthcare transformation.

The Certificate in Healthcare Informatics (CHI) is designed for practicing healthcare professionals, both administrative and clinical, who are seeking continued knowledge specific to healthcare information and informatics. It is open to post-bachelor level students holding a degree in healthcare management/administration (or closely related field) and/or a bachelor’s level degree and license in a clinical specialty.

The CHI is available in both the online and on-campus format.

The CHI is designed to provide the knowledge and skills specifically needed for licensed health professionals to hold roles in clinical leadership. It also serves as a transition certificate toward earning a master’s degree given a number of courses (once successfully completed in the CHI) may count as courses completed in the Masters of Health Administration and/or the Masters of Health Informatics.

Students pursuing a CHI will gain knowledge and skills germane to healthcare informatics in patient care environments through courses associated with the collection, analysis, and interoperability of data in patient care environments. Courses will specifically focus on improving operations, patient care delivery, and supporting regulatory expectations specific to the field of healthcare.

Students must complete 18 semester hours of graduate level study, all at SIUC, with a C or above in all required courses which include:

      MHI 510, 3 - Effective Healthcare Operations.

      MHI 515, 3 - Systems Analysis, Design, and Database Management in Healthcare

      MHI  525, 3 - Health Informatics Applications and Project Management

      MHI 566, 3 - Managing Health Information

      MHI 581, 3 - Health Information Exchange

      MHI 584, 3 - Consumer Informatics

Students earning a grade lower than a C may retake individual courses only once. If a grade of C or higher is not received on the second attempt of an individual course, the student is removed from the certificate program due to academic performance. Online courses are restricted to online students and on-campus courses are restricted to on-campus students.