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Kelli D. Whittington

Program Director of Nursing

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ASA 226
Mailcode 6615
Phone: 618.453.7272


At SIUC since 2020.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Middle Tennessee State University 1992
Master of Science in Nursing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 2001
PhD in Workforce Education from SIUC 2014

Dr. Whittington's nursing career began in 1992 with practice in the acute care setting.  Her nursing experience includes ICU, oncology, management, and administration.  Her nursing education career began in 1993 with an adjunct clinical position at the community college level.  Throughout her nursing education experience, she has taught nurses across all academic levels, from certified nurse assistants through bachelor's prepared registered nurses, culminating with doctorally-prepared registered nurses.  She received the 2019 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award, is a member of Sigma Theta Tau international nursing honor society, and recipient of the visiting scholar award from Michigan State University in 2009.