Xiaoyu Liu | SHS | SIU

Southern Illinois University



Xiaoyu Liu

Assistant Professor of Health Care Management

Xiaoyu Liu

ASA 130
Mailcode: 6615

EDUCATION: I recently obtained my Ph.D. degree in biomedical and health informatics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I am an interdisciplinary learning enthusiast. My primary interest is to identify unmet health needs and improve healthcare outcomes with trustworthy, effective health IT solutions. Some of the areas of interest include:

Theories & Methodologies:

  • Data Science and Informatics: Natural Language Processing, Applied Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Design Thinking, Human-Machine Interaction, Innovation in healthcare service delivery


  • Health information on the internet/social media, Infodemic, Aging, Cardiovascular, Maternal Health, Clinical Decision Support System, mHealth, Assisted Living Technology