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Online Health Care Management Degree

The School of Allied Health is pleased to offer you the convenience and flexibility to earn a B.S. in Health Care Management (HCM) 100% online. Created with the working adult in mind, the online Health Care Management Program allows you to enhance your career opportunities by joining the one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S.

Similar to the in-residence B.S. in Health Care Management, our online and distance education students complete 120 hours of coursework, fulfilling both the University’s Core Curriculum requirements and the School of Allied Health’s requirements for majors.

The online HCM program generally takes four years to complete, but can possibly be completed sooner, depending on the time you have available.


The online Health Care Management program is available for both freshmen and transfer students that meet regular University requirements.

Are you a transfer student with an A.A. or an A.S. degree? Good news, you may already be halfway to your degree! Associate’s degrees from an accredited community college may allow transfer students to enter the online HCM program with junior standing and have their core classes complete.

Check out the program’s admission requirements for more information.


To apply for the online HCM program, visit the Undergraduate Admissions website. There are no additional admission or application requirements.


The online Health Care Management program is delivered in a modular format, structured to be completed at your convenience by set deadlines. Our instructors and program staff work to prepare and deliver course materials and provide support for you.

The University’s Morris Library provides information and support for distance education learning.


The online Health Care Management program’s core courses are 8 weeks in length, and students can take 1 or more courses at a time, dependent on each semester’s course offerings, all online, with the exception of the internship requirement. The two-credit-hour internship requirement must be completed in a health care facility geographically accessible to the student that meets University approval. The internship is an exciting, hands-on educational opportunity that can be tailored to fit your specific interests.

The online HCM sequence includes a foundation set of courses in economics and business, along with required courses for the major, covering the health care system, health services management, health policy, and medical needs management. Online HCM students can choose among department elective courses or take supporting courses as approved by the HCM program, from other departments to take advantage of opportunities for exploration.

The online Health Care Management program offers continuous enrollment, so students may begin the program at any time. Check out the program’s degree requirements and Curriculum for an idea of what to expect.

Online courses are restricted to students in the online program only.  On-campus courses are restricted to students in the on-campus program only.


The cost for the online Health Care Management program is determined by SIU’s Off-Campus tuition and fee structure. Visit this Tuition and Fees Calculator for an estimate of your costs. Some courses will require the purchase of textbooks or other materials.

Financial aid and scholarships may be available. Please visit the SIU Financial Aid website for more information.


Enhance your career opportunities by joining the fast-growing fields of health care management or health policy! A degree in health care management prepares you for a myriad of careers in occupations where you can really make a difference.

Some possible career paths include positions in: hospitals, consulting firms, human resources, finance, health insurance organizations, nursing homes, health care associations, physician practices and clinics, mental health organizations, public health departments, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, universities, and research institutions.


For questions, or to request more information, please contact the Allied Health Specialist/Academic Advisor, Robert A. Broomfield M.S.Ed., at or (618) 453-7287.


View the Undergraduate Catalog for more information about University policies and requirements.

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