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All HCM students will complete an internship, a minimum of 2 credit hours is equal to 150 contact hours, giving the the opportunity to acquire practical experience in health care management. Our commitment to excellence in undergraduate education has allowed us to establish strong relationships with many healthcare organizations which welcome our interns. The internship allows students to apply the skills and knowledge learned in class to real world situations. Students complete their education with self-growth in health care and with a growing network of contacts who may be able to assist them after graduation.

Here are all of materials you will need to prepare for selecting and completing your internship. Timelines/dates are strictly enforced. If timelines/dates are not followed, internships will be delayed until the following semester. During internship, failure to follow procedures/dates/submission of materials will result in failure for the course. If you fail the course, no repeat of course is allowed. This is a required course to graduate from the HCM Program. No waivers are permitted.

Please download all files and read and complete them carefully. Packets are also available from the HCM Coordinator. Students are encouraged to begin their site search early to avoid delays in graduation and to be certain they have an avaiable site.

HCM Internship Handbook

HCM Internship MOU Request

HCM Internship Agreement Form

HCM Internship Check List