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Health Care Management

The Health Care Management Program (HCM) prepares you for a career in health management or health policy, a career in a growing field where you can make a difference. By customizing our multidisciplinary curriculum to meet your interests, your program of study can lead to a career within a health care organization, government agency or graduate study in areas such as business, law, or medicine. Our graduates are poised to enter one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S., working in an industry with a significant social impact - people's health and well-being.

A Health Care Management degree can be achieved a number of ways. We have traditional on campus courses, an online HCM degree and an off-campus option for military students.

Mission Statement

Through multiple forms of delivery, the Mission of the HCM program is to prepare students for future management roles in healthcare service settings and/or to academically prepare them for graduate education.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the HCM program is to increase student access to a premier undergraduate healthcare management education through multiple forms of program delivery and to support the healthcare industry through student service opportunities. 

Values Statement

The HCM program is committed to academic excellence by offering a curriculum that meets the expectations of industry leaders and the premier undergraduate certification body of healthcare management education.  The program strives to be compassionate and understanding to students by offering multiple forms of program delivery so that access to a premier undergraduate healthcare management degree is accessible to traditional, military, place-bound, and working-adult students. 

The Undergraduate Program

The primary mission of the baccalaureate program in HCM is providing a comprehensive, high-quality undergraduate education in health care management. The program incorporates study of the theoretical and technical aspects of health care management for aspiring and practicing health care managers. The program also helps our students acquire an understanding of the complex interaction of the economic, financial, political and social factors affecting the management and delivery of health care services. SIU’s Health Care Management Program, with more than a decade of experience teaching undergraduates about health care, is a leader in health administration education. Our alumni, more than 1,500 strong, are a testament to our program’s quality.

Course Work

HCM students complete a foundation set of courses in economics and business. Required courses for the major cover the healthcare system, health services management, health policy and medical needs. In addition to choosing among department elective courses in health finance, management, strategic planning and marketing, long-term care and others, HCM students take supporting courses from other departments that provide opportunities for exploration and specialization. For example, students can choose minors including general business, management, finance, marketing and accounting.

Online courses are restricted to students in the online program only.  On-campus courses are restricted to students in the oncampus program only.

Health Services Career Opportunities

Many HCM graduates work in finance, marketing, human resources, and other management fields in a wide variety of healthcare settings including: hospitals and health systems, long-term care organizations, physician group practices and health insurance and pharmaceutical companies. HCM graduates with interests in policy may find positions in state health, aging and insurance departments, federal agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and with private trade and research organizations. In addition, some HCM graduates pursue graduate education in medicine, health law, public health, and business or in the growing fields of health administration or health services research and policy. Experts predict continued rapid growth in employment and income in health administration.

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